About HyperGrid Zone

For the past several months we have been publishing a monthly magazine which has included interviews with various users from many different grids. We have approached these interviews from a “Neutral” standpoint with the goal to allow these users to introduce themselves to our community and to allow our readers to learn more about each of them. We have learned these users are creators, entertainers, explorers, shoppers, and more, and each of them are unique and have each found their way among the various Virtual Worlds to find the atmosphere which best appeals to them.
This is the same story each of have inside us. No matter where we live in the real world, no matter our past experiences, we have each chosen the path to the virtual home which presents the atmosphere which appeals to us the most.

HyperGrid Zone aspires to bring our readers entertaining stories, present user introductions, provide a platform for our users to present their thoughts, ideas, new products, new services, learn about happenings in other Virtual Worlds, and so much more!

Many of our readers have heard about, visited, or currently calls the DigiWorldz grid their home. DigiWorldz has earned a solid reputation within our community for being fair, honest, and helpful to many users and grids.
DigiWorldz not only provides the DigiWorldz grid to our community, but DigiWorldz also assists and hosts many other Virtual Worlds.
This website is owned by DigiWorldz, but the hope is to use this as a platform to allow all users and grid owners to come together on a common platform. We are, after all, members of the same community with similar likes, dislikes, needs, wants, and experiences.

HyperGrid Zone, while owned by DigiWorldz, will not play favorites and will work hard to remain neutral and we welcome news, and advertising from grid owners about their grids, and we welcome users from other grids to participate as well, no matter which Virtual World you might call home.

We want to hear about your events, news, new products, sales, and other announcements and we will be happy to help you to promote yourself, your product or service, or events by posting about them here on this website for our entire community to read.

Don’t be bashful, send an email to and we’ll be happy to work with you.