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DarkMoon Breedables

by Orb Emerald –

Darkmoon Breedables is a thrilling addition to DigiWorldz and Opensim at large.  Having owned a farm in Maine in real life, and after being an oYo addict for many years, I have to say that I just love horses and I’m super thrilled to see the breedables concept working so well in DigiWorldz. Not only are the brilliantly scripted animals “alive” and thriving… many people have jumped on the hay wagon and started setting up their own paddocks, stables and farms with the breedable horses on their regions.  Markets for the breedables have also sprung up and are raring to go.

Noxluna Nightfire’s mystery writer explains, “Darkmoon Breedables is the only sane choice for breedable pets in any virtual world.  We have set ourselves on the mission of creating exactly what you seek. We apply all our skills to providing pets that offer you fun, excitement, interactivity, and emotional security.  Our pets also offer you the opportunity to profit as you increase your breeding skills.

“Combining the powers of coding, genetics, magic, alchemy and prescience we have over 3500 years of experience on our development staff. In an after-action review of the creation of Earth, God sought our opinion on what could have been done better.  Our leader, Noxluna Nightfire, working by the light of the darkened moon, has created the perfect spell that gives low-lag pets with a huge feature list!

“We have dedicated our efforts to understanding not only your needs, but your desires.  We know you want racing horses. They’re on the way! We know you want a pony for your daughter.  You have but to breed your horses to create that pony. We know you want to be loved by everyone. We can’t help that, but they will love your horses.  Does that help a little?

“In looking at breedable pet failures of the past, across many grids, we’ve identified a few common failure points.  First, creators need software designers, but they can’t afford them. We captured our designers on a planet in a remote star system.  They believe we’ll return them home when they’ve created the perfect system. We keep telling them they’re getting closer.

“Second, breedable pet creators typically run out of steam, and funding, long before they’ve fully fleshed out their ideas.  It takes dedication, perseverance and threats of physical punishment to keep everyone on track. We’ve done exactly that as we developed Darkmoon Breedables.

“In the meantime, those alien developers have created our breedable pet framework.  This framework, Breedables Re-Imagined, is available to any pet creator that chooses to use our system.  We’re using that very same framework for our horses. Using this same framework, a Limited Edition horse was offered to breeders within a half day of starting the release process.  That’s a knock out system! And it’s a knock-out horse, it even sings! Don’t align yourself with charlatans. Don’t base your breedable future on non-working code, or unproven software!  Don’t believe that low lag can come from a system that isn’t backed by a powerful server! Come to the Darkmoon side, and see what you’ve been missing as the breeder of breedable pets!”

Trynatie & Perry Mason were stable owners in InWorldz and famous for their auctioneering skills there too.  She has big plans here in DigiWorldz for her auction and stables as well as breeding and sales. 

Trynatie said, “Hi, I Am Trynatie Mason a CSR for Darkmoon Breedables.  I also help with the testing. Perry and I also own P&T Breedables Auction House & Sales Yard where we will be having auctions for horses and other breedables that come in the future.  We have pens and stalls available for Darkmoon Breeder’s, for the sale of their animals. These are now for rent. Watch inworld notices for info.

“Perry and I raised breedables in IW for about 4 years.  We also had P&T there. We love this hobby a lot. It is so much fun and sure to make you smile.  I have always loved horses and animals in RL so this is very enjoyable for me ..

“Perry built P&T Breedables and I landscaped and decorated.  We worked as a team on this and out of pure excitement when we got the word that breedables were coming to DigiWorldz.  We had P&T built in 3 days LOL .. yes just a bit excited we were! We are looking forward to the future and all to come.  It’s like a big family where everyone is amazing, and we have met some new friends as well.

“I want to give a BIG shout out to the founder of Darkmoon Breedables Noxluna Nightfire and her helpers Liam Hoffen and Steve Ellsmere and all the others… a big THANK YOU for all you do and are doing.  You have all added more fun to DigiWorldz and have made a lot of folks smile. We’re looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve *SMILES* -Perry & Trynatie Mason”

Hope Fading and Sweetheart Baskerville have their horses at their farm and are already in the “breeding has initiated” phase and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the precious foals.

Hope tells us, “Sweetheart and I are the proud owners of a set of Darkmoon Breedable horses. They are great joy, watching them grow and finally mating. Hopefully soon we will have our own little ones running around the paddock.  It has been an adventure, that I don’t think will stop. Helping in the birthing of the new ones, seeing the different skin colors we get… oh yea, an adventure!

“I think the male is a bit slow in finding out what to do with so many females, but what can you expect, he is a male. Now is that racist, laughing.  Don’t forget to pick up your beautiful Christmas horse. A wonderful and colorful addition to your growing herd. Get your set and start your adventure, have to put in a plug, (laughing).”

Martin Glom has opened his Dallas Breedable Market with paddocks available for FREE  for anyone wanting a place to keep their horses. He said, “I have known Nox for a while now, almost since I started Digiworldz, so I know I can trust when she says something is going to be good and “Darkmoon certainly hit on that note.  I’m not very technical when it comes to scripting but I understand how breedables work in open sim. It is hard enough… but Darkmoon has done it, their Breedables ‘Re-Imagined’ script framework is going to pave the way for the horses to be awesome and something that we can build on, open Digiworldz to more stable breedables.  I’m so excited to be part of the magic as it gets off the ground.

“They have been on the grid in open-public hands for a few weeks now and are fun, and the start of something new, so come check out Darkmoon Breedables in DigiWorldz and grab some horses… and welcome to the Darkmoon family.-Martin”

Darkmoon Breedables… they are here, they are what’s happening, and they are Open For Business! -Orb Emerald