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How to List Your Region on OpenSim World

Learn how to add your region to the OpenSim World directory.

Shared by Orb Emerald

On the OpenSim World website you can find a collection of listings consisting of regions which are connected by a system of website advertisements and inworld teleporters.  Anyone who wants to advertise and showcase their region with the aspect of sharing their areas with hypergridders may do so by signing up for an account and acquiring the proper Teleporter which can be found on the website.

At the top of their main page click on More and go down the list to Help for further information including how to obtain a beacon/teleporter for your land.  On the Help (FAQ) page look under the heading “Where can I find the OpenSimWorld Beacon/HUD?” there is a “click Here to visit” highlighted link where you can find the necessary information to get you to where you need to go in order to obtain the teleporter and the handy HUD.

In the section subtitled “How can I list my region in opensimworld” they explain the steps to setting up your region on the system so if you follow the instructions you should have no problem.  The “beacon” that they are talking about is the teleporter object, and this is what you place on your region to get hypergridders to visit your location. Only 1 beacon per region is allowed, but you can use multiple beacons if you have more than one region to setup.

Thank you for reading, and if you have questions please contact us through our HyperGrid Zone group in DigiWorldz.  Or send an IM to me, Orb Emerald, in DigiWorldz.