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Aruba: Year-Round Oceanfront Homes

by Orb Emerald (Photos courtesy of Martin Glom)

This is beginning to sound repetitive, but like so many of us, Joe Dokes came to DigiWorldz after InWorldz disappeared.  He’s had his rental region, Aruba, for quite some time now and plans to continue offering free homes and parcels. Joe gives us a take on his real life while breaking up the seriousness of this interview. He said “I’m a retired cannery worker, avid beer drinker, professional couch potato, and  computer user (as a hobby).” He’s an honest guy and as you can see very down to earth.

His partner Precious Ruby said that she really enjoys her virtual life as much as her real one.  She added, “In rl I especially enjoy dancing, Zumba, skating, movies, horseback riding, ice skating and would like to explore rock climbing and snorkeling. In the virtual world I love being with Joe and exploring different grids, dancing, going to dance clubs, being at Aruba and meeting different tenants, oh and terraforming.”  Precious stays active physically and mentally. There’s a balance there that some people only wish they could achieve.

Joe started using a computer a few years before I did.  He started in 1978 when he bought a radio shack TRS-80 computer, then he moved to a 64 KByte CP/M system, 2×8″ floppy Disk Drives.  He said, “I got online in 1996 with a windows 96 system.” I can’t even remember a 96..hmmm. My memory is getting pretty murky.  

For Precious, her start was when she was using the computer in college.  She said she needed it when taking notes and studying for her college courses.  I remember during my business accounting course, being in a classroom and using some early computers.   I would get so frustrated and impatient waiting for the screen to change to the next window while updating the forms and calculations.  It’s such a breeze now with the speed of processors, but I have to say that at times I get ahead of my machine by typing really fast and have to wait a few seconds for it to catch up.  

Getting back to discussing things with Joe, he said that his greatest inspirations, “come from, beer and cable TV.”  He also said that scripting and managing their Free Housing on Aruba keeps him going because he especially enjoys helping people in the virtual world.”  I agree that those things are inspiring and a good reason to keep going forward. (No I didn’t mean the beer, lol) Many of us feel it’s important to be helping others, and that by doing so we’re building a better community base here on the grid.  If we want the grid to survive we have to do our part.

Precious said, “My mother was my inspiration.  In life she was very loving and kind to everyone.  I learned a lot from her and that is what makes me who I am in rl.  I work with special needs adults and children in rl and love every minute of it.  In the Virtual world Joe has been an inspiration to me, as well as As Is and Tara.  I have learned many things like terraforming land and decorating houses.” Precious is one of those sweet and kind people that you just love to meet.  

Joe has been in DigiWorldz a year and 5 months or so.  He started 10 days before InWorldz went offline, July 2018.  He tells us, “Many people were moving to DigiWorldz and Discovery; I chose Digi.”  There are some of us that just have to keep moving forward in virtual, it’s in our blood, we have to keep developing environments, builds, projects… it’s what feels normal to us.  

Precious explained, “When InWorldz closed, As Is told me about Digiworldz, about how unique and wonderful the grid was to explore.  I enjoy Digi very much and being on our region is very relaxing and since I love the beach in rl… Aruba brings a sense of calmness and peace to my being.”  Everyone loves the beach and Aruba has plenty of space to lay around on a lounger and have a chat or make a picnic on a blanket and enjoy the sun.

Joe hopes to see more people in DigiWorldz, he said, “I think that traffic to Digi is slowly, but steadily, increasing.”  Precious also wants us to know that she agrees and “would love to see DigiWorldz have an increase in the number of participants on the grid.”  A lot of us work hard to bring people in, by advertising events… or just inviting friends to visit by any means, for any reason that we can. Many people often use Facebook to get the word out.  The DigiWorldz LLC group is there. With Facebook alone I think I’m a member of 6 or so OpenSim related groups where I post Digi related ads. There are also different OpenSim related websites to advertise on.

Joe said that scripting is one of the things that he likes getting into here in virtual while Precious mentions that there are so many things to discover on the grid. She said, “I guess my goal is to see Digi be the largest grid.”  Precious and Joe met on an arranged date; they were soon partnered thereafter. Together they enjoy building and managing Aruba, dancing, visiting other sims and grids, and getting to know and help people.

“We have plenty of openings for Free Housing and Parcels, and we are striving to fill those vacancies.” Joe reiterates.  So if you need a place to call home, a place to change your clothes, and set your ‘home’ to, visit Aruba and check into a free rental.  There’s some great tiki style homes there along the beachfront. They’ve had this region a while and have made some changes, but I think they will be around for a long while.  To make that point clear, Precious reassures everyone that their future looks great in Digi. She said, “We are both looking forward to seeing Aruba grow and to continue being a fun place for our participants.”

Some of their favorite places are:hop://



The Aruba team consists of Joe Dokes, Preciou Ruby, and AS IS; each of them can invite people to the Aruba group, and the group is for Aruba tenants.  Joe Dokes is the landlord of Aruba. He pays the monthly tier to Digiworld, sets down the housing, processes new and returning tenants. Precious Ruby is Aruba’s PR & Media Manager.  She handles Aruba advertising, she also handles Aruba events and dances, co-manages the Meadow Acres parcels with Joe Dokes. AS IS is Aruba’s Executive Secretary. She officially greets new and returning Aruba tenants and is also an Information Officer for Aruba’s new tenants.

In closing, Joe mentions, “We at Aruba make Free Housing and Parcels easy.  Find a Housing sign with yellow floating text, click the sign, click Yes (from the blue menu).  I will contact you within 36 hours to complete processing your Aruba move-in.”