HyperGrid Adventures

Luna Lunaria: Significant Connection to the Spiritual

by Ricky Maya

Recently I went exploring in OpenSim and came across OurGrid Life, a small grid of  approximately 36 regions, and a population a bit over 280. Once there, and spending a bit of time at the Welcome area, I opened up the world map and scrolled back to see what lands were around that I might explore.  I noticed a few sims that appeared to have been laid down using raw format terrain files, one of which was elegantly striking and colorful on the map.… Lunaria, the home and creation of Luna Lunaria.  


Upon arriving at Luna Lunaria’s beautifully textured main region, I was instantly struck with her powerful usage of light, projection, and a color range bordering on the ephemeral, yet, at the same time, dynamic and rich in it’s details.  As seen in the images here, it is a must see region that I would recommend for all to visit. I met up with Luna and was able to speak to her about her path into Virtual Reality (VR), and a bit about her outside interests and creations.


Luna Lunaria (LL):  “I was born virtually in August of 2006 in Second Life, so almost 13 1 /2 years now.  It was an article in popular science in 2006 that caught my interest, and I just had to see what this new online game was about.  I loved the experience from the start but for reasons that were a complete surprise to me. The world was compelling and fun to explore, but it was the relationships I formed that kept me coming back.  

“So, for the first two years, I experienced the typical life cycle of an avatar: I explored and made friends and went to clubs; I roleplayed in various groups and met someone special in-world.  We eventually became partners, bought land, and set up a home. We had other friends who played our children. When we finally unpartnered, it felt like a divorce, and we went our separate ways.  It was at that point I almost left SL for good, but then I discovered how much I loved creating in this world and that has kept me coming back ever since.”

The Gate

Ricky Maya (RM): “How did you find your way to Ourgrid Life, and what aspects encouraged you to stay?”

LL:  “My experiences with opensim occurred in fits and spurts. The first few years were characterized by attempts to settle on a new grid and begin creating, only to lose everything when the grids shut down unexpectedly.  Back then there were no backups so the losses were very painful. After the third grid shut down I gave up on opensim for a few years, until my friends dragged me kicking and screaming into yet another small grid called Opensim Life (now Ourgrid Life), run by Bill Blight.  He was a very attentive grid owner and always uses the most up-to-date software available, which makes for a great environment for creativity. For the first time, my creativity truly blossomed in OpenSim, allowing me to bring to life so many of my own ideas. I now also have a large main store there and that encouraged me to venture into Kitely’s online market as well. The other great aspect was being able to finally connect with other artists, writers, and performers who also made their home there.”

“Currently, I have a 3×3 var region where I create multiple worlds as inspiration strikes me.  The ground level is an ethereal area filled with light and art. There are also multiple fantasy levels as well as a  musical venue that floats serenely above the ground level. In addition, I have a large main store on a connected region that is filled with creations I made over the previous two years, and that success encouraged me to venture into Kitely’s online market as well.  I am also part of a writers group that meets weekly in both OpenSim and on 3DWebworldz.com to share chapters with one another and receive helpful advice from each other on improvements to our works.”

RM: “What have you learned of significance here that you would pass on to others who spend time here or are considering choosing Ourgrid Life as a home?”

LL:  “First of all to realize that while opensim grids may look like Second Life, they are far superior if you are a builder and creator.  There are many things I have made here that I could not duplicate in SL without great cost and extreme difficulty. Opensim is the perfect platform for creativity.  For years I had heard horror stories of creators’ works being stolen and distributed on opensim grids. After coming here I realized that even though some of those stories were true, it was not the pirate’s haven it was made out to be.  So don’t be afraid to create here, whether you give it all way free or sell it help support your family. Ourgrid Life, in particular, excels in providing what I look for in a grid: namely the latest opensim updates, advanced ubode physics, YEngine for scripting, and Gloebits as the standard currency, all at very reasonable land rates.”

RM: “What are your plans for the future here: are there projects ongoing or in your future that you would tell us about?”

LL:  “I am discovering that I really enjoy giving back to the community.  I have been honored to work on multiple new projects to benefit our own grid, and I am currently working with OpensimFest 2020 to create a new merchants region for their upcoming festival.  I am very excited that opensim merchants are being given a presence in this year’s event, alongside exhibitors and performers.”


RM: “Anything else you would like to add?”

LL:  “Only that I find every person I meet here to be beautiful in so many ways.  Virtual life is a metaphor for real life in the same way that real life is a metaphor for our ongoing spiritual existence.  All connections for us are significant and to be valued, for they will never end.”

Here are a few of Luna’s various links:

Map entry: http://ourgrid.life:80/Lunaria, then dial in coordinates  275, 391, 24, and select “Teleport”


https://opensimworld.com/hop/79285-Lunaria https://opensimworld.com/hop/79284-Lunaria-Emporium



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