HyperGrid Adventures

Modee Parlez: Virtual Shipwright

by Ricky Maya

Sometimes, when researching a given article or topic, we here at HGZ Magazine are fortunate enough to experience something truly enjoyable and novel when researching and interviewing a subject. This was so very true when we travelled to The Discovery Grid to interview Modee Parlez and were invited to take part in a Role Play (RP) sea battle of warships on an expansive 8 x 8 oceanic sim called Loose Cannon.  Just one of the many interconnected 8 x 8 oceanic regions in Discovery, Modee and her fellow RP group of sailors took Orb and myself on a mock battle, complete with scripted war cannons, complex sailing strategy, torn sails, ships run aground, and ultimately, the burning and sinking of several vessels in the open sea.

“That was the first battle I’ve ever been in” says  Orb Emerald. “When I saw the cannonballs doing damage to the other ship, I was excited!  It felt like a real thing”

Modee has a gift for reproducing historically accurate sailing vessels with extremely well detailed features.  Some of these include complex scripting of both the sailing and battle features, as displayed in the perforated sails, onboard fires, and subsequent sinking, along with the weaponry, such as aimable cannons.  I also spent some time practicing the firing of the guns at shore targets, exploding docks and other structures and targeting and burning buildings. 

Loose Cannon Region

Obviously experienced at this kind of production, I asked Modee how long she had been in Virtual Reality(VR), and what skills did she have or eventually acquire when getting involved?

MP:  “Hmmm I think was near the end of 2012, and It must have been a program I had seen on television.  I had heard before of Virtual Worlds but never paid a lot of attention to it. At that time in Rl, I worked as a fashion designer and thought ‘let’s give it a try’.  What I saw there blew me away! I mean, the fashion quality was real top notch for VW.  

“So I rented a little place and set out to discover the ‘know how’.  There I got involved in a Navy/Pirates RP group and started making flags, textures and even uniforms.  For a long time that was my core business. So after a few years I was invited to InWorldz(IW) to have a look.  That grid was still very basic, especially for sailing. There I met a guy that made great ships, Tenbears Running, and I still am surprised I wasn’t banned from the grid for stalking him almost daily with questions about building. 

Loose Cannon Region: The Shipyard

But like I said, the grid was still basic and although there was RP,  the products were very poorly scripted and of poor quality.  In RL I had been working for a friend that made 3D designs for Industry and I was always interested in that, but I had no goal for that kind of design until I got into IW.  

“So, I decided to give it a try, and made my first mesh hull boat called Felukka –’SeaThorn’ — (pictured on my website).  But that was driven by a non-wind engine. Eventually I met a scripter that set me on my way to having it sail under a wind engine, and the first true RP boat was born.  Through the years I studied and made even more ships and got deep into mesh builds, still learning every day with the help of some great friends I found in VW.”

Barbary Fort

As with many who arrive in OpenSim, locating their niche here is often the key to the attraction, so I inquired how it was that she found her way to Discovery, and what aspects encouraged her to stay?

MP:  “It was now a bit more than 3 years along when a friend said that I had to come over and look, they needed me to make ships sail in Discovery.  So I said ‘Ok, I’ll have a look’. OMG, when I saw the 8×8 seas here I was blown away. Only thing was 🙁 , no script seemed to work here. 🙁 So, I tested and tested and finally got one sailing, then I made Bwind work too, just don’t ask me how I did it, hahahah 🙂   

“Anyway, that is how it all started here for me, and my goal was then to build a historically correct sim where all can have fun.  What encouraged me was the people here: We aren’t many, but we are close and helpful. Also encouraging is the RP bunch for who I organize a battle twice a week, with altering plays, such as ship battles, attack on Targetville, Battle Races, Hunting the Kraken etc —  and videos on the website. But what makes me stay ???? Good question. I think loyalty to the helpful people and friends, and certainly the seas, which can drive me nuts after an update. But, well, I haven’t been on a grid yet where there are no problems at all.”

Ship Battle on the High Seas

We went on to discuss her present involvement here, and what she did daily as a rule within  VR and The Discovery Grid? 

MP:  “I still am assistant to the Discovery Grid managers in case of need.  Last year, when InWorldz went down, a lot of people came here and needed help.  That is the reason why I set out to make the Hyper Grid Showroom with lots of free and quality stuff I’d found.  This project was later taken over by Discovery and is still there. My present involvement is getting people here to Battle Sail with us, for that I even have a free boat.

Furthermore, I still help people out when having mesh problems.  And my daily routine, (when I come), is I to greet all the Deegees and start the gossip, hahahah.  Then I go nag at some scripters ears. And when I feel like it, I start a new ship model :)”

The vanquished are left on fire to sink beneath the waves.

I asked further, what she had learned of significance that she would pass on to others who spend time here or are considering choosing Discovery as a home?

MP:  “Well first, I’d encourage them to sail, then to become gunner or pilot in battles. And yes, I love to teach sailing.  I also help a lot in solving problems, like mesh, as a said before. And Why Discovery? NO drama! Best admins and Best seas!”

The Victor proudly sails home to port

I inquired about her plans for the future here, and are there projects ongoing or in her future that she would tell us about?

MP: “That’s easy, to learn more and more to make even better quality products. At the moment I am taking Blender 2.8 class in Kitely. And of course try to get the Galleon sailing again! So in general, work on my sim, make ships and other things, and help wherever I can.”

Loose Cannon Main landing

I asked if there was anything else she would like to say?

MP:  “Yes, it is time people from SL finally get detached from their inventory and discover OpenSim grids.  An inventory is just chains and ball.”

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