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Fairy Dust in DigiWorldz

Written by Contessa Lacombe

This month, having worn myself out during the hectic holiday season, I’ve decided not to travel too far from home.  Sometimes, you find exploration worthy hypergrid locations right next door. The Fairy Dust Estate in DigiWorldz is just such a place.

Fairy Dust is a 3×3 estate owned by Celeste Twig, who describes her VR self as “the Fairy Princess Royal of Fairy Dust”, then adds an impish giggle.  “I am a precocious 23 year old (in appearance—fairies live very long lives) who is half fae and half human. We don’t question how that happened. It just did.  But, we DO know that the combination can be explosive at times—especially when my wand comes into play.” That statement makes you want to take a few steps back, and should.  Fairy Dust is part of the Isles of Myst medieval/fantasy roleplay community, where everyone knows that Celeste’s character does not have full control over said wand, resulting in many interesting complications.

Celeste is a veteran roleplayer who began with online written roleplay, then progressed to VR roleplay.  “Like so many others, my first encounter with VR was in SL. I was invited to join a medieval/fantasy roleplay group, and of course I was a fairy and a princess.  As things often do, SL began to lose its shine for me. At that time, part of my adoptive family and I made the move to InWorldz, where we stayed until the purple fog drove us out of our old land.  After a while, we discovered DigiWorldz, which has since become our home.

My region, Fairy Dust, is composed of 9 sims– Portree, Lunaria, Knocknarea, Caer Sidi, Glenfinnian, Glenbeigh, Wicklow, Callanish, and Mysty Peaks—the last of which contains my home, which is also called Mysty Peaks.  All of my sims are fae oriented. Visiting Fairy Dust is similar to accompanying Alice as she goes through the looking glass, only there is no looking glass.” “Fairy Dust is one of three connected regions. There are also 9 Brigantia sims and 9 Western Reach sims.  All 27 sims are positioned in such a way that travel between them can be accomplished by a small boat. Our roleplay moves freely between the lands, and we also join in with other roleplay groups in DigiWorldz and on other grids.”

Celeste says that her sims are open 24/7 and everyone is invited to visit and enjoy Fairy Dust.  “Apart from beautiful photo opportunities everywhere you turn, you will be taking a look at the world through the eyes of a fairy.  The best way to explore is to start at the Fairy Dust Dock in Callanish and simply follow the well-marked paths.” 

Upon landing at the Dock, you notice that things are proportionally large here—big trees, mushrooms, flowers, etc.—giving the perception that you might be smaller than you think.  From the dock, if you look to the left, you’ll see the pathway mentioned by Celeste, and not too far up that path you’ll come to a fork in the road situated in the middle of a colony of butterflies.  The right fork takes you up a hill, past a Halfling village on the right, then veers to the left through a tree tunnel.  

At the end of that tunnel, high on a hill to the right, is Mysty Peaks, the home of Princess Celeste.  An awfully big house for such a tiny fairy, you say? Well, Princess Celeste was reared with humans and elven folk, and says that, unlike most fairies, she feels the need for some elbow room.  (You are invited to go up the hill and have a look. The view from the back veranda is especially breathtaking.) After exploring Mysty Peaks, continue along the main path toward the left, you will come to a scenic sea side pavilion where you can relax and dance.  Just beyond that is the east end of the River, where the path turns to the left and follows the shoreline past a large tree house.

Now let’s backtrack.  At the butterfly intersection, if instead of turning right you continued straight up the path toward Glenfinnian, there is a side road to the left leading to the Fairy Fountain Square, another good dance spot.  (FYI–Fairies REALLY like to dance!). Back to the main path and further up the hill is a side road to the right, where you will find the Fairy Henge. On up the path you’ll come to Glenbeigh and the large tree house (above).  Now that you’ve completed that big circle, go west down the riverside path. (Yes, there is a Green Bridge across to the other side of the River, but we’ll save that for later).

Still in Glenfinnian, you’ll come to Fairy Lake, featuring the Fly-By-Night Tavern, the biggest hot spot on the region.  This is where the fae folk gather for a glass of bubbly Fairy Nectar, while relaxing at one of the mushroom tables or perhaps floating on the lake.  Be careful! Those little flying lights are pixies, and they can be tricky little devils. After your break, continue up the path past the Blue Bridge and turn toward the left and way up the hill to the Fairy Tree of Life, or to the left is a cave to explore.  Beyond the Fairy Lake are cottages, fairy houses, and even a gypsy camp on the western shore of Caer Sidi. But, now let’s cross the river at the Blue Bridge.

Once you cross the Blue Bridge, to the left (west), you’ll enter a rather dark bit of forest in Lunaria, and up the hill, you’ll find the Fairy Council Pavilion overlooking the Northern Sea.  To the east is the Peat Bog, so be very careful where you step. Beyond the bogs in Lunaria, we are getting into the deep, deep forest where many of the fae live. But if you turn toward The River, on the shore is the Fairy Dust Distillery where Fairy Nectar is made!  This is a special point of interest, and a great source of pride for the Fairy Dust fae folk. The Fairy Nectar Shop is located on a tiny isle in the middle of the river, and people venture from far and wide to stock up on the delicious, and potent, beverage.

Moving northeast from the Distillery, you’ll enter Knocknarea, and if you cross the Pink Bridge, you’ll encounter even more interesting fae dwellings, and yet another dance spot up on the far northeastern corner of the estate.  From there, take the eastern seaside path back toward the river. About midway up the path, there is a side trail toward the right which leads to the Mushroom Dance Circle, another favorite spot of the fairies, and next to it…a giant bean stalk.  Be sure to climb the bean stalk (sit on the green ball). (This area is not yet complete, but includes several levels—a Tea Party, a Forest Pavillion, and at the top above the clouds, a Fairy Castle.)

And what does Celeste see for the future of Fairy Dust?  “Well, of course, we are still building, and I’d like to see that completed.  Eventually, I would like Fairy Dust become a destination for those who would like to just slow down and enjoy the flowers.  I’d also like to have some very reliable and regular roleplayers to join our group as fairies. There is plenty of room for them and lots of opportunities for new characters—no experience needed, just interest and enthusiasm.”  For herself, Celeste says that she likes to shop “when I can find what I want.” “I’d like to see many more new and different stores in DigiWorldz.” “I am learning to build and have started making mesh clothing, although this is taking longer to accomplish than I had hoped.  Blender, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, MakeHuman, and several other pieces of software keep me learning all of the time!”

Celeste reports that the best way to keep up with events at Fairy Dust is to join the Isles of Myst Medieval Roleplay Group in DigiWorldz, or watch the DigiWorldz LLC group on FaceBook.  “We do not yet have our own FaceBook page, but we post special events on the Digi FB group page, and sometimes in the MeWe Hypergrid Medieval Roleplay Consortium group. Reminders for regular events, such as our weekly Brigantia Firelight Chat (Tuesdays at 4 pm grid time) or scheduled roleplay (Wednesdays at 4 pm grid time), are posted in the Isles of Myst Medieval Roleplay Group notices.  I also have an informational kiosk (#8) at the DigiWorldz Interchange, a place you really should visit.”

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