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Sounds Turner of Dreamstream

Looking for a DJ Stream? Look no further than Dreamstream, the quality is unbeatable.

Reported by Orb Emerald

This is an in-depth interview with Sounds Turner of Dreamstream (Shoutcast, Icecast & Auto-DJ Stream Rentals).  He’s been around a long time offering his products and services to all of Opensim and Second LIfe. I’ve known him for several years and have owned his products, and I can tell you that the packages are quality – and Sounds’ customer service is second to none.

Sounds Turner: “I’m from the south of Ireland and came online in 1995, I started searching how to build a web page and chat room and that started me on my journey into web graphics and design.  I ‘ve been into web development ever since. A few years later most of my websites were hosted on cPanel, what I use to do was buy a reseller account so I could build my own cpanel web hosting accounts every time I had a crazy idea and bought a new domain for my website.  cPanel is an advanced web hosting control panel, so I knew a bit about the Linux operating system as all my websites were hosted on cPanel and cPanel runs on Linux based servers.

“… I started looking for online virtual worlds around 1998 and discovered Active Worlds and later CyberTown, but around 2000 Hawk the owner of CT sold it and the new owners removed any members that didn’t pay for a subscription membership, many of us found ourselves looking for new virtual communities, I discovered the VRML community Blaxxun. People were using vrml code to create their own virtual regions which cost them nothing.  We could host vrml sims on our own websites, they weren’t that interactive, compared to now.

“I later met someone from CyberTown and she told me that Second Life was the new thing… It took me a while to come around, I only had a packard bell club 80 on a 10 meg connection.  I joined SL in 2005 and found myself in the most interactive online world I ever saw. Wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but they didn’t look at it the way I did, a world online where everything you see or trade was created by its residents.. an online matrix! Opportunity!  We could trade and exchange digital goods and services for virtual currency, amazing.

“Anyway to cut a long story short (lol) I was really into building web applications, I saw people creating media services in SL and that fascinated me more. I started a small media service and called it Dreamstream Media, we sold web tvs and media but it only lasted two years.  Someone took a disliking to a few media services in SL and the labs had them removed.

“My store use to be full of people watching movies, it was a fun time, no harm done. I looked at other ways to make an income and decided I’d use what I had learnt from my own experiences with broadcasting online, I started looking for a data-center in the USA that could provide me with dedicated servers so I could start offering stream hosting.  I continued from there 2006 and Dreamstream is still running today. Not as profitable as my first venture but I’m happy to keep the service going.

“My servers are located in the USA as most of our renters are based near or in the USA.  I manage every aspect of the service remotely, and I have great support from the center. I love hearing from people what they’re using my streams for, I’m totally into that myself as I host a couple of streams for my own music projects that many people seem to enjoy. So having the resources to do all of this is of benefit to me also, that’s a bonus for me. 

“One of my projects: mostly electronic music channels but good quality! Music is part of my life, and streaming is a big part of how we share our music online.  I got to meet all of these great people, 99% of my customers become good friends. I’m not all about taking but I started this so it’s my responsibility to make it succeed. I’m working on expanding services to the web but up until now it’s been based in VR.”

We asked the obvoius:  How did you hear about Digiworldz?  How long have you been here?

Sounds Turner: “I was in InWorldz chatting to someone and they mentioned their new builds in DigiWorldz.”

…and this valuable question:  What would you like people to know about Digi?

Sounds: “DigiWorldz is a great community of people, some of the most creative people I’ve ever met.”

We are always curious about this topic: Tell us how you feel about OpenSim?

Sounds: “OpenSim comes in a few different forms, most people prefer to keep it open to other grids, Meaning Hyper Grids, we can teleport from one grid to the next, but that also leaves us open to risks, we can either ignore or just accept those risks. that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy OS.  If you have a dream, the time and skills needed to develop it in OpenSim, that’s just too cool. I feel like that when I walk around some builds in the meta-verse, someone actually built this. It’s an emotional experience because you know someone put their time into creating it. I like visiting electronic music venues, amazing to see how people use music and visuals.

We wanted to know more:  What do you see in your future in regards to Digiworldz?

Sounds: “I’ll still be around, just like I am in other grids, same name.  Hope to find some time to do a few live gigs because I actually love spinning tunes :))  Just tied up in my stream service because I have to check several places every day/night.”

To sum it up Sounds told us: “My business, Dreamstream, started in Second Life in 2005, offering low cost dedicated stream hosting.  It’s perfect for online broadcasters, djs, musicians, live performers and internet radio stations. In the last few years I have started to expand my services to other grids, OpenSim worlds.  We offer two different radio control panels: WHMSonic nd Centova Cast version 3. Many clients prefer WHMSonic, it’s more user-friendly, Centova is more advanced.

“You can rent a live stream or live + Auto-DJ if you want to upload your own music. Auto-DJ is perfect when you don’t have live broadcasters, let Auto-DJ take control. Create play-lists, upload your music and stream it on your land or website 24/7. I have stream stores in Discovery Grid (Gloebit) Digiworldz and Great Canadian Grid. I’m starting to use Gloebit a bit more also, my Discovery store accepts Gloebit G$.

“For more info send me a message and I’ll be happy to help you any way I can. Or visit my Digi store and check out the plans I have available.”

The Dreamstream Store is on Psybient Sunset Region in the DigiWorldz Grid.


Thanks for reading, Sounds Turner

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