Weelandia in Digiworldz: Home for Dinkies

by Nebby Newman

WEELANDIA is a home for the Dinkies and Tinies community, to bring them together from anywhere in the opensims that they reside.  For homeless Digiworldz Dinkies, there are FREE homes available!

Nebby Newman and aminata Potez ANNOUNCE the Weelandia Grand Opening Laund Pawty on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 1 PM.  Cuddles weston (Rosy O’Grady) will sing for us, followed by tunes spun by DJ Jack Stone.  What better pair could make Weelandia become officially opened!!

Dinkies are kitty avatars that are a rigged mesh creation of Etheria Parrott.  They stand around 2ft 10 inches tall, which puts them in the “tinies” category, but they use most of the standard “biggie” (aka default human) animations.  They originated in Second Life and later were in Inworldz, and we are very happy that Etheria decided to bring them to the opensims. 

The avatars are currently only available for purchase in Utopia Skye grid (, but there are quite a few clothing designers for them right here in Digiworldz!  You don’t have to be a Dinkie to visit – there is a lot to explore anyway.  Wee have a boardwalk with rides and games, a clubhouse, waterfalls, beaches, a “secret” cavern, two stages (no schedule currently, other than the Grand Opening), and, of course, a Dinkies Mini-Mall with stores for and by Dinkies.  Of course, there is always more in the works!

Our goal is to find our Dinkie friends who were scattered by the explosion of Inworldz and to welcome new friends who have since discovered the fun, the cuteness, and the caring of the Dinkies community. 

Suggestions are welcome.  To join the group and stay informed, “Search” for “Dinkies.” Simple!

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