HyperGridder’s Hop

Monthly Gift Giving – by Orb Emerald

Hello Everyone,

We’re in the process of starting a Gift Giving, Monthly Event to increase traffic and give HyperGridders a little something to look forward to as they venture out in their travels. We plan to begin the first Gift Giving Event on June 1st, 2020.

Once a month we’ll place a FREE TO COPY GIFT next to the OpensimWorld Teleporter on our regions. There will be a new gift each month, so be sure and check for gift updates. The name of the month will be in the gift’s hover text or in it’s object name, so you can be sure that you are picking up the correct gift for that month. Gifts must be Free to Copy. The permissions, other than that, are up to you. Please, NO COPYBOTTED items.

If you’d like to join our cause, feel free to take the Member’s Starter PACK “JOIN OUR CAUSE” (BOXED) next to the OpensimWorld Teleporter on my region Crystal Valley II in DigiWorldz. SLurl: hop://

Included in the pack are 2 varieties of the “HyperGridder’s Hop Monthly Gift” Signs; Metal or Wooden. Add an image to one of the signs & place it somewhere near the OpensimWorld teleporter. You’re welcome to change the colors and textures on the sign.

Notify me that you’ll be joining us, by messaging me (Orb Emerald in DigiWorldz grid) in IM, or send me a notecard. You can also email me: … Please include your avatar name, region/grid name that you have listed in the OpenSimWorld website. You’ll need an OpensimWorld Teleporter to participate. For instructions on how to obtain a Teleporter, go here:

I’ll announce your region’s name on a list of “Gift Givers” in OpenSimWorld Events monthly, on my region page (Crystal Valley II) in that website, and in other Event listings & websites.

Let’s give Hypergridders another reason to explore. You’ll increase your traffic and be part of something fun and exciting in OpenSim.

Thank you for participating!
Orb Emerald & Ricky Maya