HyperGrid Adventures


Reported by Ricky Maya

A new sonic installation, Synapse, opens in a satellite gallery of the Nuna Art Gallery complex on 3rd Rock Grid, Sunday 14 June.

This exhibition is an interactive sound installation where viewers are part of the work. Created as a collaboration between Lorin Tone, whose sonic installations grace a number of grids, and Nuna’s curator Alia Soulstar, Synapse is described by Alia as “music that challenges music”.

Its sonic component lacks melody, harmony, tempo, counterpoint or any of the other features normally considered integral to music. Instead it sets up an “ambient field of disorganised sound” where each listener becomes the organising principle for their own sonic experience. Lorin has tuned the instrument but you, the listener/viewer, are the composer.

Visually the installation draws attention to granular brain architecture. A synapse is a site of transmission of electrical nerve impulses between neurons.

Neurons hold information—all of your cognitions, memories, models and symbols are stored in your vast library of brain cells. What makes you unique as a person is your extreme potential for original and creative thought, which comes from having such a vast store of information connected by so many possible pathways. There are 86 billion neurons in a human brain, 5 – 7 dendrites per neuron and 40 synapses per dendrite. That constitutes a near infinity of wired and unwired pathways a thought can take on its journey through your grey matter.

In Synapse you are invited to rewire a sonic network by moving through it as an agent of free will.

WHERE: Nuna Art Gallery complex, 3rd Rock Grid, at 11am (PST), Sunday 14 June.
WHEN: Opening at 11am (PST), Sunday 14 June, thereafter on permanent display. Follow the signs.

All are invited to attend. The Nuna Gallery is accessible by hypergrid at grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:The Nuna Gallery