DIGIWORLDZ had it’s 1st Awards ceremony.  We all had a great time and many of us took home some fabulous awards. We were entertained by some class act performances starting at the Red Carpet with Country Bob. This guy knows how to keep the crowd entertained with his laid back style and southern charm. Rosy Ogrady started the show rolling with her beautifully harmonic voice singing our favorite “It’s A Wonderful World”. Exotic Nightfire took the stage with a smooth mix featuring Exquisitely Designed Models, Angelic Kisses, AS IS, Jameelah Lyvette, and Tari Tari. These ladies graced the stage with a dance showing off DO’s new Boss Lady Collection by Do Negulesco. Emmalena Damour also showed off her Gangsta Gal outfit in this routine. Austin Moores and his Angel’s‘, Sandy Hauster, LeaNetera Landar, Talia Sunsong delighted the audience with a splendid performance that showed us that there is no limit to their talents. We were then swept into a romantic setting with a duet by Austin Moores and one of our long time Live Performers and a Great friend to the grid; the lovely and talented Rosy Ogrady. DJ Garrett Yukon took us to a new high as he spinned a few oldies that made us want to dance in our seats. DJ Jack Stone & Devin Betsen flipped the script and showed us a few funky dances and lots of humor that actually brought tears to our eyes from laughter. These two make a great team on the stage.

This was the start of our Annual celebration, recognition, and honoring of our hard working and talented Digians. Digiworldz residents selected our Nominees and voted for our Winners. A big Congrats to all the Winners. 

Please check out the Awards Blog Page on link below for the Nominees, Winners list, Photos, and more. And Stay tuned in for the 2nd Annual Digiworldz Awards coming up in March 2021 following the Digiworldz Annual Birthday Celebration.  https://annualdigiworldzawards.blogspot.com/

The Awards Venue was constructed, designed, decorated by Ba Baar, Emmalena Damour, Gray Delwood, and Tari Tari. 

A special thanks to all who attended and supported the event.

  Coming Soon   


        Interviews with Our Winners (The Inside Story)

Stay tuned for more info on our winners. Follow me on my virtual tour into the Lifestyles, Ambitions, Accomplishments, and Creativity of our winners. Let’s hear what they have to say. And of course I will have my camera and notepad handy.

Tari Tari