2019 Winner- DA Admiral

1st Annual Digiworldz Awards

Our Winners Spotlight (The Inside Story)

DA Admiral

Owner & Creator of KEA NATION

by Tari Tari  

     Let me introduce you to DA Admiral the Founder of Kea Nation. Mr. Admiral has a tough shell but once I took the time to get to know him I found that he has such a big heart as well as many talents. This man not only built the biggest Grid within a Grid in Digiworldz but I also find myself always impressed with his multi skills. I cannot express enough how grateful Digians are that he enlightened us with his vision; Kea Nation.

I have taken several trips to Kea Nation and was overwhelmed with the design, detail, and the adventures that anyone could participate in there. Rezzers for flying planes, sailing boats, and driving vehicles over many regions are available for the thrill seeker. You can even bring your own vehicle over to Kea and rez it. The thrill of fearlessly crossing over many regions while in flight was so cool and I soon learned how to handle those planes with proper training by attending his flight classes and activities.  I even sailed my yacht across the grid. I actually never completed a full grid flight but I did put in about an hour of flying.  Not only did Kea Nation get voted #13 Best Recreational Area/Adventure Hangout DA also took home a few more awards for #14-BusinessMan of the Year 2019, #48 Best Grid within a Grid 2019, and an Exemplary Philanthropy and Humanitarianism Award. I could go on and on about how impressed I was while visiting KEA but I will limit my typing, share a few photos and let you see what this man has to say. 

We shall start by going over a little about Kea Nation being voted Best Recreational Area/Adventure Hangout of 2019.

Here’s what DA had to say…

The idea of a vast flying, sailing, driving virtual “continent” was conceived in Second Life during 2013 by the DOR group. Unfortunately the lack of response and costs involved made it nonviable.

We looked at Open Sim based grids, some were a no go from the start and we had bad experiences with two grids hosting us. On advice from Maria Korolov we contacted Terry Ford at DigiWorldz. Starting with one 4×4 VAR region Kea Nation now has over 200 linked 4×4 regions. This includes two very large land holders in the cluster.

Divided between Bullet or uBode physics enabled regions it is up to the tenant  to decide if they are Hyper Grid enabled. Kea Nation uses the DigiWorldz  currency available through Podex Exchange. Kea Nation does not offer the Gloebits currency option.

DigiWorldz is the ideal grid to host a GWIG ( grid within a grid) the support and service is second to none. Also all the tech is taken care of, by them.

Over the years we have seen a few key people leave. Some have moved on and sadly some have Passed away.

Kea Nation is in DigiWorldz for the long haul. Land inquiries to DA Admiral or Morrigan Bellic.

Over time a WIG or Grid can stagnate. This is why you quite often see changes in the Kea Nation cluster on DigiWorldz. 1st off we do rely on vehicle sales and region rentals to function. This enables us on occasion to offer a free region to some of your or our friends who are in less fortunate circumstances. For every 6 regions rented at the current region rate we can offer a free region to people like this. It’s the same with vehicle sales. Vehicles cost us quite a bit in time and money to produce in Virtual worlds, so we need to sell so many before we can offer a free starter aircraft. All new vehicles will be scripted for uBode Physics as it offers us so much more in functionality. Outer Space will be returning to Kea Nation. so watch out for it. Any Grid, GWIG or region can stagnate that’s why we encourage everybody to build their dream, doing so provides such a variety of creativity and activities for everyone.I often say We are all in it together, this has never been so true. Without all of you we are just land.

The Question is are you going to take a punt, ARE YOU COMING WITH US?

Thank you DA Admiral for that well worded information about Kea Nation. DA was also voted  “BusinessMan of the Year 2019” alongside Joe Dokes of Aruba. They actually tied in votes. It does take a Great businessman to create and maintain a grid like Kea Nation!. Here are a few snapshots

And last but not least THE CHAT !

Tari Tari: You are winner of 3 awards DA, Best Recreation Area , BusinessMan of the Year, and Best Grid within a Grid,

Tari Tari: When did you start Kea Nation? 

DA Admiral: kea nation started on AviWorlds in April 2015 although it didn’t really begin until October 2016

Tari Tari: Are there any key people who helped make this dream..Kea Nation?

DA Admiral: yes a few. Most of us came from sl Trinka adored, Gin Beamish, Vistoria Rain, Daisy Hammer, Fly Girl, Morrigan Bellic. The list is too long to mention some have moved on since then or passed away

Tari Tari: What are your future Goals for this community?

DA Admiral: the goals are to have a drama free, hassle free, flying sailing area which people can call home. We don’t want a repeat of sl drama.

Tari Tari: i know drama is not kool

DA Admiral: it’s not

DA Admiral: most people log in to relax and do what they do in a paradise and kea wants to make it available

Tari Tari: What does Kea Nation offer its residents?

DA Admiral: smiles a place they can be them; we have no prejudices

Tari Tari: I know the lands and freedom to fly and ride and of course sail. Fly, ride and have fun

DA Admiral: we offer probably the largest or one of the largest os continents. We offer them friendship and we are always available

Tari Tari: you once had flight classes here at kea.. will it be resumed?

DA Admiral: yes we will soon resume flight lessons in Kea. Also aircraft have changed over the last few years. This the vulcan is the latest and its ubode enabled

DA Admiral: watch the landing gear, Vulcan Landing Gear: retracted..and it flys using controls similar to sl and in mouselook as well. 

Tari Tari: nice

Tari Tari: will they also be coming in bullet?

DA Admiral: We couldn’t get that type of movement before. We aren’t producing any more bullet ones. UBode with Terrys tweaks to the OS is so much better

Tari Tari: ok so i would like a ride. Does it take passengers?

DA Admiral: hop in

Vulcan Landing Gear: extended; OK to land..

DA Admiral: bit narrow through here

Vulcan Landing Gear: retracted..KNVV Aviator Series Avro Vulcan U R whispers: You have just crossed a region border; wait a minute before crossing back…

Tari Tari: nice

DA Admiral: yes very nice and they really are good

Tari Tari: You were also nominated and voted as Businessman of the Year 2019

DA Admiral: coughs


DA Admiral: I look at it more as an adventure , an opportunity for everyone

DA Admiral: Virtual Vehicles is TR’s business

DA Admiral: KNVV is joint between  him and I. We aren’t making money. Aircraft sales are dismall. But as they say you got to harvest before you market

Tari Tari: I must say I enjoyed flying planes here. It reminded me of way back in sl when you could walk, fly, and sail across the grid.

DA Admiral: who hasn’t been banned lol

DA Admiral: yes well Kea Nation is the descendant of DOR who used to be in SL. We flew a lot but we can do it better here though.  I’m told grid flights there now are luck of the draw

Tari Tari: how long does it take to travel across your grid?  or hours?

DA Admiral: at a normal speed couple of hours to look around and we have over 200 linked 4×4 VAR regions. So that’s over 3000 sl regions in area

Tari Tari: that’s a lot

 DA Admiral: yes and we will grow and we are part of Digi. Everything on kea is laid back no hassle. We leave that to real life

Tari Tari: heehee, Ok thanks Da It was a Pleasure and Congrats again