Your Home in DigiWorldz

Dear Friends,

Explore Terry Ford’s vision, DigiWorldz, while enjoying a free starter home, or a permanent place to put down your roots. DigiWorldz is inviting and the community here is memorable. You’ve probably already been to the “big city” where you’ll pay $229 a month for a region, with a setup fee of $350 usd! Yeah, it’s expensive all right. You won’t get a bill like that from DigiWorldz but what you will get is a full size region with a generous prim allowance for less than $20 usd per month. Login here to visit the Land Store:

There are also many free and low cost rental homes being offered by different long term members of Digi right here right now. Whether you enjoy the Spanish hacienda style, a spacious country log home, a warm and cozy tiki beach house, or a modern home with large windows and lots of light, just to name a few, these homes have a luxurious prim allowance. Or get your own region and add any of the well designed homes from our creators. You’re sure to enjoy decorating and there’s something for everyone. We are all ready to help you while looking forward to assisting you in finding your special place to call home.

The following offers are listed alphabetically by avatar name:

Jack Stone: “I have what is called a GWIG (a grid within a grid) here in Digi. Within this grid I have a region called Avalon. Avalon consists of 21 houses, each on their own 256×256 region. hop://

“Also within this region is a mall, church, game room, and a freebie area. These plots are free to Digi residents to live in. Houses are provided, but furniture is not. However, also on the region is a free furniture store to help you furnish your home. Originally this was intended to be used as free housing for new Digi residents.

“We also have the only Dinkie community in Digi that I am aware of. It is called Weelandia and ALL wee folks are welcome here. Nebby Newman says: Weelandia offers free housing for Dinkies, Tinies, and other WeeFolks. The homes are scaled down and there is a lot to explore! hop://

“Most of my time in Digi is spent doing what I love to do, DJing.. but I also try to create classic clothing. My shops are named JS Design and are located throughout Digi. I try to provide quality classic clothing at a decent price. My main shop is located at Stone Mountain Mall. hop://

“COMING SOON: A region that I call “The Dump”. This region will have everything free from animals to zylophones. If interested in any of these regions please contact me (Jack Stone) or a staff member (Precious Ruby or Sibbie Becker) “

JOE DOKES: “Aruba offers Free Houses and Free plots of land, both with a 1000 prim allowance. The plots of land are generally 64x64m. Aruba has a desert isle theme, except for Meadow Acres, which is woods and hills. The four land groups are the Aruba main island, Shangri La, Meadow Acres, and Tahiti. For D$ 200 per month you can rent a 64x64m parcel; with 1000 prims, the parcel will be in the tenant’s name, security systems allowed. Aruba also has 4 housing platforms and the Camelot themed platform. For D$ 240 per year people can rent a house; with 1000 prims. (platforms start at 1200m) hop://

“New addition at Aruba: Heavenly Meadows offers country living in a forest setting in the woods. Beautiful cabins by the beach, all cabin’s are free with a 1000 prims . There is a horse track, camp, beach, and more. Come and explore. Meadow Acres offers Cabins in a country setting with a quiet atmosphere and friendly people.” hop://

Joe Love: “Love n Stuff consist of Joe the builder, and Kristy the designer/decorator. Love n Stuff offers a wide range of homes with different shapes, sizes and styles. From the modern (Oceanna), rustic cottages (The Stoner), log homes (Lakeview), Tuscany (Florence Villa), Southwestern (Taos) and larger Southern homes with pool and garage (Rose Spring Manor).

“Currently we have over 60 homes to choose from and always building more. If you dont see what you are looking for, contact us. We may be able to build it. Each home is fun to build and a bit different from each other. We are currently building the Neuschwanstein castle.

“Building a long term project is challenging. With each build you learn more skills. Then you look back at the older builds, and they dont meet up to your current building specifications, so you rebuild them. We are always trying to improve our building techniques. So long term builds are never ending, but fun.

“Come visit us on Evermore, DigiWorldz. Every home is built with love by the Loves. Love n Stuff – Joe and Kristy Love”
Evermore Estates (Homes for Rent): hop://
Evermore Mall: hop://

magikesh tumim: “Tumim Islands is a beach resort to relax. There are 14 free homes and 11 mini shops, water ways to swim or boat on and a paved path to bike & walk! Two areas to host events like dances and weddings, as well as an open area bar, a clubhouse and just open grounds! This is a moderate region but PLEASE wear at least a swimsuit while you’re visiting and no sex please (we’re not adult). We’re a new place so some work is being done. Please be patient while we finish some details and suggestions to make it better are always welcome! -magikesh tumim, owner” hop://

Nancy Sinatra: “Free Beach Homes Available, Right in the heart of The Wonderful World Of Nancy.” hop://

Orb Emerald: “Relax in the peaceful atmosphere of Crystal Valley II in KEA. This region is over 3 years old and we can assure you that it is a comfortable region with a long term plan for it’s future. Jetski along the sim-wide rivers on this 4×4 region. Feel free to explore freely because you’re always welcomed here. Message Orb Emerald for help in finding a home. We invite you to find growth and contentment here in DigiWorldz.”

Psy Vita: “Regarding land rentals, I do offer parcels on Enterprise for D$50 per week. You’ll get a 64 x 64 meter island (4096 sm) with 390 prims. Land rights are included for NPCs and stuff. Also, Woodland offers free stores in many sizes with a prim allocation of 300 to start.. more if we like what you do.” hop://

RaeAnj Barclay: “Choose Seadreamer Estates, for your home away from home. On SEADREAMER, a choice of up to 22 different cottages, houses and a castle, to rent, All situated within their own gardens, ranging from just 15 D$ per week to 50 D$ per week, with generous prim allowances. hop://

“On DRAGONHOLME, Dens for Discerning Dragons, Pads for Particular Pixies and now a Base for a Barnstorming Bat!! A choice of 10 caves, 5 Tree Houses and an old Water Mill to rent, ranging from 5 D$ per week to 10 D$ per week.” hop://

So there you have it, a cross-cut of the land owned by community members who are willing to share. Feel free to message any of them inworld any time. They will be more than happy to help you out.