DigiWorldz 2022

There’s no denying the fantastic community in DigiWorldz. People here are friendly and fun to be around. Of course, we stayed up late again, as people in virtual tend to do. But this time was just so much more special. Phantazia Serendipity led us into the New Year as she DJ’d around the clock, covering most time zones. She seemed to have energy to burn. The tunes were fantastic, so we danced, laughed and carried on into the wee hours. For some of us it didn’t end with that, we followed up with a game of Greedy. What a great time!

“Rumors”, that’s the name of the club, isn’t that a hoot? I love it! There were a familiar group of friends, let’s see, the list in alphabetical order: Anni Pool, Azoramyth Destiny, Betty Hill, Jaiden LeShelle (HG’er), kidblue56 Turbo, NurseAJ Hotshot, Orb Emerald, Passion Jumanji (alt of), PassionFlower Jumanji, Phantazia Serendipity (Club Owner), Suzan vonOtter (HG’er), and Tari Tari. Here are photos taken by some of the people who attended the event.

Tari Tari
Suzan vonOtter (her bits are actually covered)
Kidblue56 Turbo
Passion Jumanji
Passion & Jaiden
Orb Emerald
NurseAJ Hotshot
Azoramyth Destiny & Biker Dude
kidblue56 Turbo & Betty Hill
Anni Pool

While the party was rocking we asked if anyone would like to say some words about what they wish for in 2022…

Phantazia Serendipity told us, “I’m trusting for a better year for all of us in the grid, of peace and unity, and to make Digiworldz the best it’s ever been. STAY…don’t let the bumps along the way knock you off the horse! Find your happy place and reside there when all else seems to be crashing in on you.”

Real life bumps and virtual ones, we’ve all felt them at times. Can’t seem to have one without the other, right? When we’re overtired, oh boy that’s a common one, or other stressors that are in our day to day lives. Not to mention how it’s accelerated by the issues of Covid and all that accompanies that tragic factor. Virtual gives us some relief, so let’s live it up and enjoy the good fortune of having this special place in 2022.

The topic of New Year’s Resolutions came up and quitting smoking was on the list. Oh, I remember how hard that was for the first few weeks, you really have to make up your mind about what YOU want and fight for that. The stories that everyone was sharing… For Azoramyth Destiny the resolution was, “I haven’t thought about it… think mine would be ‘I’m not falling anymore and no more broken bones.’ rofl”. OMG Azoramyth!

We can relate to this one from PassionFlower Jumanji. “I don’t make NYR anymore . . . they never pan out . . .” C’mon, how many times have we said we’re going to lose weight, save more money, work harder, be kinder… and on and on. Let’s just agree to try and do better in 2022.

Thanks for being in DigiWorldz