Love Your Neighbor

Benefits of Having Virtual Neighbors

In this day and age, people are relaxing at home on their devices, while in their virtual home living it up with friends, family, those special virtual loved ones. What sort of neighborhood seems like the perfect place in your mind? For me it would be where people get together to chat, play games, and enjoy events with one another. Sure, there may be real life distance, but the virtual closeness is something we love to enjoy.

Your neighbor is just across the grid, enjoying their region while you’re chatting with them in private messages, or perhaps they live beside you on your own region and you’re sitting by the campfire together. Today, you don’t need to call your friends on the phone, nor drive to their RL house to visit with them.

The times when neighbors organize to make a better community are so important to so many people. Creating a virtual neighborhood online is a growing trend among local communities. People here stay safe, get informed, are supportive of each other and are getting involved in social life more than they would (or could) in real life. We’re so fortunate that the benefits of a virtual neighborhood are right at our fingertips.

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual neighborhood is staying informed. So, If you want to know about the events, activities, local marketplaces or whether you’re interested in your neighbor’s Facebook feed, a separate platform from your local grid, it’s a great place to get to know the community! Check out DigiWorldz on Facebook HERE: (20+) DigiWorldz LLC | Facebook .

Remember, it’s a good idea to share your neighborhood with the community, so reach out and advertise in the local DigiWorldz’ member’s groups, or start a group of your own. Also, advertising on social media sites is a great free way to get the word out. Let’s narrow the gap and end the social division. Be bold and share your builds, take part in activities and events. You will meet some of the nicest, most genuine people right here online.

We’re looking forward to hearing from YOU.