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DigiWorldz 2022

There’s no denying the fantastic community in DigiWorldz. People here are friendly and fun to be around. Of course, we stayed up late again, as people in virtual tend to do. But this time was just so much more special...


Weelandia in Digiworldz: Home for Dinkies

by Nebby Newman WEELANDIA is a home for the Dinkies and Tinies community, to bring them together from anywhere in the opensims that they reside.  For homeless Digiworldz Dinkies, there are FREE homes available! Nebby Newman...


Happy New Year 2020!

by Orb Emerald – Let us reflect on the blessings of the past, not on our passed misfortunes (which everyone has some).  I’ve looked at many quotes about reflecting on the past and so many of the quotes tell us not to...